The Division of Vascular Surgery within the Department of Surgery at the University of British Columbia is dedicated to excellence in education and research. Committed to an an atmosphere of collegiality, cooperation and excellence and home to a Royal College accredited residency program.

Vascular surgery is a surgical specialty that is dedicated to the treatment of conditions affecting blood vessels including arteries, veins and the lymphatic system. Some of the common vascular conditions treated include aortic aneurysms, stroke and mini strokes from carotid artery narrowing, poor leg circulation and varicose veins. The vascular surgeon is well trained to offer complete therapy such as patient counseling, medical treatment, minimal invasive balloon angioplasty, stenting of arteries and veins as well as reconstructive vascular surgery.

Message from the Division Head

Dr. Kirk Lawlor

Message from the Research Director

Dr. Konrad Salata

Message from the Program Director

Dr. Jon Misskey